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      Product Categories

      Panel Meter

      BP-90U AC 75/5A

      Specifications/Features :

      1. Case and composition: Acrylic resin front and bakelite case. Four stud mounting. Three stud mounting for BP-90U.
      2. Color: Black case, white scale plate.
      3. Pointer: Tube or knif type, colur in black or red.

      Moving coil type50 mA ~ 50A DC
      3V ~ 750V DC
      Accuracy: class 1.5, class 2.5
      Moving iron type50 mA ~ 50A AC
      150V ~ 500V AC
      Accuracy: class 2.5
      Rectifier type10V ~ 500V AC
      Accuracy: class 2.5

      Bau San Electric Work Co., Ltd.

      • Add:1F.No.69.CHANG-AN ST, MIADLI CITY Country: Taiwan
      • Tel:886-37-263775
      • Fax:886-37-262393
      • E-mail:bew.bausan@msa.hinet.net

      Top Best Electrical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

      • Add:No.172, Huayuan Rd., Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, P.R.China
      • Tel:86-512-57440876,57446321,57448256
      • Fax:86-512-57440776
      • E-mail:sales@top-bew.com