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      Company Profile

      Bau San Electric Work Co., Ltd.(BEW), founded in 1977, has been focusing on the design, development, and marketing of panel meters. Due to the continuous innovation and research of products, and the investment on the manufacturing process, we have gained countless professional and management skills from research and design, product processing, quality control to packaging and marketing. As a result, BEW could keep on it expansion and be in a leading position in the panel meter industry.

      The technique of meters is the window to that of electrical field. From product research, manufacturing to maintenance, the meters serve as the safeguard of the electrical and electronic facilities in the lifecycle. We could offer customers diversified choices and extraordinary services.

      BEW knows best what customers need, providing high-quality products, services, and creating new enterprise values. With the recognition of the customers, our products have been found in Southeast Asia, Middle East, European Union, and America. The trademark of our company has become world-known brand among the panel meters area.

      Management Ideas

      BEW plays a leading role in the meters industry. We value diligence and responsibility. Over the past twenty years. Our management idea is, providing professional and advanced technology, after service and strengthening competitive capability.

      BEW values talent. Our core conception has always been the talent-respecting management. We seek, respect, love, cherish and re-educate talented people. We offer perfect educating and training system, and instructive and well-liking corporation culture in order to improve their learning ability, to strengthen their working sense. Our goal is that all the staff gain impetus and pleasure from their job. Correspondingly, our corporation runs more efficiently and competitively.

      BEW values our customers and tries to create a win-win result. Our service mission is to reach 100% customer satisfaction: in addition to our strong foundation skills, we have a strong research and development team and adopt advanced manufacturing skills. Therefore, we successfully organize a sound and highly competitive administrating team which not only meets clients' anticipation but also follows the market's trend.


      Innovation keeps an enterprise competitive and active forever. BEW is armed with professional technology and creativity. Furthermore BEW is able to research, invent and design products by itself. So far, we have trained a group of professional design engineers that specialize in product design, quality control and safety regulations. BEW has a series of products marked by ?§BEW?¨ in market.including switchboard meter, panel meter, temperature controller, timer, current transformer and shunt. It is our ultimate goal to continue to satisfy our customers' needs or even exceed our customers' expectation. We sincerely hope we would have a chance to serve you. Please contact us if you have any requirement, questions or suggestions. We will do our best to serve you. Thank you.


      BEW follows the trend of quality standard. We perform strict quality control, so we could offer excellent products and achieve100% customer satisfaction. In 1997, all of our products successfully passed TUV CE certification and attained ISO 9001 international quality standard certification.

      Our mission is become the top-ranking enterprise and raise the recognition of brand and manufacture what the customers need. We have been working hard to reach the highest quality standard and 100% customer satisfaction.

      Bau San Electric Work Co., Ltd.

      • Add:1F.No.69.CHANG-AN ST, MIADLI CITY Country: Taiwan
      • Tel:886-37-263775
      • Fax:886-37-262393
      • E-mail:bew.bausan@msa.hinet.net

      Top Best Electrical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

      • Add:No.172, Huayuan Rd., Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, P.R.China
      • Tel:86-512-57440876,57446321,57448256
      • Fax:86-512-57440776
      • E-mail:sales@top-bew.com